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How to make Cuban Style Coffee

6 cup, 3 cup & 1 cup coffee pots

Put sugar in the mixing cup
2 level teaspoons for the 1 cup model
4 rounded teaspoons for the 3 cup model
8 rounded teaspoons for the 6 cup model
You can adjust this, but remember, this is a very sweet coffee!


Add water to fill line or pressure relief valve

Fill funnel with a quality espresso coffee and place funnel in coffee pot

Assemble coffee pot making sure the base is tight

Place pot on burner with lid open.
When coffee first starts flowing pour a small amount into sugar and return pot to burner

Mix coffee and sugar thoroughly Results will be best if sugar coffee mix is like a paste

When the coffee is done brewing, add to sugar mix and stir thoroughly.
You should have a nice head of foam (crème)

I usually microwave 5 or 6 oz of milk for 2 minutes.
Then skim the skin off the top of the milk and add 2 to 3 oz of coffee

You can also top with a squirt of whipped cream and a little cinnamon for a tasty drink

Or just pour the coffee in a small cup and drink neat